Easy ways to increase height. How to increase height tips

Height, which we also call height or length, it is a word that everybody understands from child to large, because everybody is particularly careful about their lengths since childhood. First of all, if any person sees someone, then the length, the lesser the person, the more he has, the one who is balanced, also because the length is a very important part of the beauty of the body, which comes out as a distinct form.Basically we can also say that it is hereditary, that is, according to your parents or family. There are very few exceptions to this, but, with changing times, ideology or thinking is changing, it is not necessary that if the parent’s height or height is small then the child too. According to the time, if the length is deemed to be taken and the meditation takes place, then it also changes. If it is worth mentioning, then it is. Age |It is said that due to time to time, its importance is greatly increased. This thing should also be acid on the length. Length can be increased or increased with time, after a certain time the length can not be increased.

  • The right age to increase the length
  • Balanced diet to increase length
  • Physical activity to increase length
  • Home remedies to increase length
  • Take a balanced sleep
  • What should not be done to increase the length

How to increase height tips in Hindi

The correct age is the correct age

The exact address of length is seen by age, it is said that the length of boys can be increased from 23 to 25 years and for girls 18 to 21 years. Since child is born, it should measure its length at every age till it is young, we are telling you about the length through a chart below.

Serial number Category The boy girl
1 Newborne 1.50 ft 1.55 ft
2 Three to five months 1.95 ft 1.98 ft
3 Six to eight months 2.25 ft 2.20 ft
4 Nine to twelve months 2.35 ft 2.32 ft
5 One year 2.50 ft 2.50 ft
6 Two years 2.82 ft 2.75 ft
7 three years 3.10 ft 3.05 ft
8 four years 3.35 ft 3.40 ft
9 five years 3.55 ft 3.50 ft
10 Six years 3.71 ft 3.78 ft
11 Seven Years 3.82 ft 3.92 ft
12 Eight years 4.20 ft 4.15 ft
13 Nine years 4.30 ft 4.30 ft
14 Ten years 4.50 ft 4.35 ft
15 eleven years 4.60 ft 4.55 ft
16 Twelve years 4.80 ft 4.75 ft
17 thirteen years 5.05 ft 4.5 ft
18 fourteen years 5.25 ft 5.10 ft
19 15 years 5.45 ft 5.28 ft
20 Sohal Sal 5.62 ft 5.32 ft
21 seventeen years 5.73 ft 5.35 ft
22 eighteen years 5.8 ft 5.50 ft

This chart is an approximate chart in which we have told you about the length.

Balanced diet to increase length

Diet should be given special attention to increase the length, especially on children and young people who have made fast food their choice, due to which they have removed vitamins and proteins from their diet. Due to not having a balanced diet in the body, its growth stops. At the right time, the diet taken in the right amount iscalled balanced diet , which includes all things,

 balanced diet

Increase the length


Exercise to increase length

In order to keep the body healthy, some physical activity should be done every day, which also helps in increasing the length. Physical activity is a process that can be taken from a child of two to three years, so that an elderly person can also be healthy, this will be mainly seen in children and young people. As the length increases, the body will become strong and strong. Physical activity can happen in many ways, such as-

Increase the length


There are many types of Yoga – Yoga, here we will discuss about the yoga enhancing the length.

Serial number Easy names Ways to do 
1 Surya Namaskar It is a type of yoga that is wonderful in itself, which uses all the organs of the body and helps in increasing the length. It has twelve different Mudras.
2 Tadasan Both feet should stand by sticking, and now both hands should be taken in front and standing on the side of the claw and above which the pull will make the entire body stretch, it can repeat it for eight to ten times.
3 Bhujangasan Lie down on the ground with the stomach, keeping both hands close to the shoulder and raised high on its strength and lifted the part of the waist up and the window can repeat it for five-six times.
4 Shirshasan It should be done with very carefulness by crossing the two palms of the hand and keeping the head on those palms and making the balance upwards of 2 feet above the head and making a balance and for a while.

Exercise and Other Ways –

In the earlier times, when there was no facility of any kind. Even then, people used to extend lengths through small methods and different types of games, that today, just as the transformation has taken place, among them, the main is as follows –



How to increase height tips in hindi

Whenever there is no remedy for anything, we get home remedies which are very beneficial, which do not have any harm. We are also telling you some home remedies to increase the length, which you can make a part of your daily routine.

  • Give black gram or gram dal a fist on this night, let the empty stomach consume it in the morning for two months continuously.
  • Humming a glass of milk, add one to one and a half spoonful of good, and consume it for one month.
  • Ashwagandha has proved to be very useful in increasing the length. Ashwagandha powder should be mixed in one to one and a half spoon milk before sleeping.
  • Mix one spoonful of turmeric in a glass of milk, add two to three drops of shilajit and half a teaspoon ashwagandha before sleeping in the night.
  • Take a teaspoon black sesame, six to seven almonds, two spoons ashwagandha powder, mix these three, take it before taking it in milk or lukewarm water before sleeping. You can use it for one to two months.
  • Gular (fruit of the tree of banyan tree) take fine powder and take a mixture of mishri and cumin seeds. Take two teaspoons of gular and sugar candy and take a spoon of cumin and mix these three and mix it with milk before sleeping. The point to note in this is that it should be given to children younger than ten years.

Take a balanced sleep

To be healthy, it is very important to have good sleep . You should take at least eight to ten hours of sleep every day. Sleep is also very important to increase the length.

What should not be done to increase the length

We all get many solutions to do anything, but what should not be avoided, what should be avoided is also very important,

  • Nowadays, many types of products like Medicines, Powder, Injection are available in many supplements markets, which should not be taken for granted.
  • Junk food should not be eaten, it impedes the growth of the body .
  • Alcohol or other substances should not be consumed.
  • Do not exercise any exercise or yoga more, so that any part of the body starts having pain.

The point of note is that, before doing anything or taking supplements, you should consult your doctor. With this, go to the sunlight every day, which contains many vitamins. And take care of your getting up, sitting, sleeping, and sitting straight or tan.

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