Measures to increase disease resistance – Increase Immunity power .

Measures to increase disease resistance - Increase Immunity power .

Often you must have heard from the people that my immune system is low or low, then what is the disease in the immune system, which makes us read so much of its needs, you may have noticed that even in the same situation some person is often ill If some people go there, some people are not sick for a long time due to good disease resistance. The reason behind this is that bacteria and viruses are present all the time around our body. And our body’s immune system protects our body from these dangerous bacteria and viruses.  Therefore  , it is very important to know the ways to increase the immune system.

Measures to increase disease resistance - Increase Immunity power in Hindi

By the way, the immune system works very well in fighting against every disease. But sometimes its ability to work is reduced, due to which the germs begin to enter bacteria and viruses and we become victims of serious diseases.

Our body’s immune system depends on many things like our diet and our lifestyle. So today we are going to give you some important information related to Ayurvedic remedies and healthy lifestyles to increase the immunity  .

Our body’s immune system depends on many things like our diet and our lifestyle. So today we are going to give you some important information related to Ayurvedic remedies and healthy lifestyles to increase the immunity  .

What is disease resistance? What is immunity .

The immune system means to protect our body from any external factors, to keep us healthy, we have a protective system inside the body that is called immune system and if your If the immune system is right, then you will not have any problems with small fat diseases and even if you are in a day or two then you are cured.

But if you have a problem with weather and cold weather, or if you feel tired and lazed by doing some work, you might say that my immune system may not be cured. So today we talk about something and know how to increase the immunity power –

Measures to increase disease resistance – How to increase immunite

In fact, our body’s immune system needs a lot of nutrients to work properly. You may have noticed that, unlike malnourished children, they get sick quickly as compared to those who take a balanced diet. Our body requires antioxidant with vitamins, mineral to function properly and according to study, the immune system of people who eat more fruits and vegetables is better than those people who eat more vegetables and fruits Do not eat. Micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants such as Zinc, Iron, Selenium, Copper, Folic acid and Vitamin A, B6, C, E are needed to increase the body’s immune system.

1. Increase the correct diet immunecapacity – Diet To Increase Immunity

Anti-Oxidants : It is necessary to take antioxidant in the appropriate evidence to increase the body’s immune system. Antioxidants repair the bad cell of our body and away from old age. You can take medicines containing antioxidants and vitamins according to the advice given below or by your doctor.

Selenium (Selenium) – The Barley (Oats), onions (Onions), sunflower seeds flower (Sunflower seeds), Mushroom (Mushroom), brown rice (Brown Rice), egg (Eggs), fish (Fish) and mutton (Meat ).It helps in protecting the body from many types of cancer.

Vitamin A – The Sugar Loaf (Sweet Potato),  carrots are found in (Carrots), Apricot (Apricot), green vegetables (Green Vegetables), Cayenne (Red Pepper), Cantaloupe (cantaloupe).

Vitamin B2 – This is found in  spinach , almonds, soyabeans , mushroom, cow’s milk.

Vitamin B6 – This is found in spinach, banana, potato, sunflower seeds.

Vitamin C – This is found in oranges, tomato ( papaya ), strawberry, cauliflower .

Vitamin E – It is found in carrots, papaya, spinach, sunflower seeds, almonds .

Vitamin D – This milk is found in Milk, Mushroom, Eggs, Salmon , Sardines and Sardines.

Zinc Zinc – This is found in pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, barley, oats, yogurt , shrimp, oyster , oysters , meat. is.

2. To increase water immunity – Drink Water to increase immunity

Water / Water  – At least 8 glasses of water should be taken throughout the day. By getting water in the right and continuous intervals, the body gets strength and digestion is done properly. Water exits the body’s unnecessary substances. Therefore, pay attention to drinking your water with food.

3. Adopt appropriate daily routine to increase disease resistance – Lifestyle to increase the immunity

Along with diet, it is also important to make changes in our daily routine to increase disease resistance. If we change some of our bad habits, then we can avoid some diseases and can increase our immune system.

4. Keep weight under control Immunity Power – Control Weight for Increase Immunity.

In today’s era, the problem of obesity has flooded like a pandemic all around. When obesitycomes, he also brings many serious illnesses along with him. Obesity is actually home to various diseases and complaints of laziness associated with all types of stomach and fatigue are more complicated in those people who are obese than fat.

Let me tell you that one of the problems with obesity is that due to obesity, there is a problem in the formation of white blood cells and they do not grow white cells. Our body has the power to fight diseases. Obesity is also a problem in building some necessary antibodies, so first of all you think about obesity and then increase immunity. Pay attention to


5. Measures to increase the disease-resistant capacity of the body deep sleep  – good Sleep for Increase immunity

After working throughout the day, your mind and body need to sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily. People who give enough rest to their mind and body are more efficient and healthy. It has its advantages of adequate sleep; You feel relaxed by this. Now the study of Solutions has shown that because of low sleep, the problem of obesity is increasing, which affects your immune system, hence with work Along with a better sleep, your disease can prove to be a boon for immunity.

Diet which enhances disease resistance – Immunity Boosting Foods

Green tea , rich in antioxidants, is also beneficial to increase body’s immunity .

Mushroom – Mushroom  for  Increase Immunity in

Mushroom is consumed to increase body’s resistance. It called selenium mineral, antioxidant ingredients, vitamin B, found elements such as Riboflavin and nisin which the body immune system (Immune System )  helps to work smoothly. Eating mushrooms daily in the form of salads, soups etc. is beneficial.

Disease to enhance immunity Chywanprash – Chyawanprash  For  Increase Immunity

According to Ayurveda, Chyavanprash is consumed to increase the immunity of disease, eating it reduces stress, weakness of the body etc. Apart from this, many more problems like hunger do not get liberated.

Increase the amount of vitamin C-rich fruit to its immune system – Fruit rich in vitamin ‘C’ for  Increase Immunity

Citrus fruits such as oranges , strawberries and pineapple have high amounts of vitamin C, so this fruit helps in fighting infections in many ways. These are activated in the disease resistant capacity of the body. Therefore, it is important to consume sour fruits in daily food.

You can increase your immune system by simultaneously following the diet, routine and exercise advice given about the measures to increase your immune system, as well as enjoy a healthy and healthy life.

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