Blood Group-Classification; types of blood group

Blood Group is a very important and interesting topic of the Chart Science Subject which we have a little bit of information, but that information is sometimes incomplete and confusing.

Today, we are going to talk about the blood group here where we will understand things like blood types, Rh factors, Present Blood Antigen in Blood and Antibodies. But before understanding the Blood Group Chart, we need to know a little about our blood.

Blood Group Chart in Hindi

If you want to know about blood group chart, then this article will help you understand blood group. To understand the blood group chart, first of all, we must know some important things.

There are many types of blood group. We study blood group then only talk about ABO blood group type.
ABO blood group chart was first described by Australian scientist Karl Landsteiner in 1900.

Blood Group-Classification

The blood group in the blood group chart is classified based on the presence of antigen and antibody found in our rbc . In our blood group chart, there are antigens IA, IB and antibody IO. Due to these three factors, our blood group chart is prepared.

When creating or studying the blood group chart, the basis is genetics. We must know some things of genetics. like –

  • A I O,  I A I A, I O I are the genotype of  blood group.
  • A, B, AB, O are the phenotype of the blood group.
    Genotype symptoms that occur in genes are not necessarily visible in outside body.
    phenotype symptoms which are also in genes and also appear outside

Our blood group shows the character of the co-dominant gene of genetics . This means that any one of the characters from our parents can be seen in our body.

If genotype – I A I  or I A I A   , then  blood group will be “A”.
Similarly if there is genotype – I B I  or I B I  then blood group will be “B”.
After all if the genotype – I in O I O occur  will be blood group “O”.

  Rh Factor in Blood Group Chart

After this we see what happens (+) and (-) in the blood group? Blood group is a very important Role of Rh factor. We can also Dived on the basis of Blood Factor’s Presence and Absence of Blood Group in Human. Now, how do you know?
Blood in Group Rh Factor it would depend on the presence or absence that blood will group (+) or (-). Rh is a type of antigen protein

  • If Rh factor is present in your blood – positive blood group (A + / B + / AB + / O +)
  • If Rh factor is absent in your blood – negative blood group (A- / B- / AB- / O-)

Univrsal donor / Universal receptor 

Universal donor or universal receptor is detected from the present antigen / antibody and Rh factor in the blood.

In general, we say that the blood group “O” is a universal donor .
Blood group “AB” is the universal receptor  .

But when we go into the depth of this thing, we know that the universal donor is “O-” because it contains three types of antigens A, B, Rh absent.
Blood group “AB +” is the Universal Acceptor because it contains the antibody O absent.

Whenever you are asked what is a universal donor and option is A / B / AB / O, you say “O” But when the option is A + / A- / B- / AB + / AB-/ O + / O- then “O-” will be called.

Just like when you are asked who is the Universal acceptor? And in the option A / B / AB / O, your response will be “AB”. But when the option is A + / A- / B- / AB + / AB-/ O + / O- then you say “AB +” .

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