Tips to make hair naturally dense

Tips to make hair naturally dense

Tips to make hair naturally dense

Irregular Lifestyle, lack of nutritious ingredients in catering and increasing pollution, hair problems are increasing. Hair fall and rupture of hair are major problems. If 60-100 hair fall every day, there is no panic in it, but more hair than it is falling, do not ignore it altogether, because of that you can be bald. 


Aloe vera is like a boon for hair, it is a natural shampoo that makes the hair shiny and soft and makes them stronger than the root. Apply aloe vera directly on the hair an hour before bathing, then clean the hair with shampoo. By doing this for a month, the problem of hair fall will be solved.

ethods can easily make your hair strong and strong.


The use of shampoos and the use of shampoo of the wrong brand also cause hair fall. Some people shampoo everyday in hair, due to which this problem may occur. If the experts believe that people should shampoo them everyday, whose hair is more oily, do not shampoo them everyday in normal hair.


Amla is not only rich in food but it also strengthens hair. The hair is strong and dense by putting amla in the hair. Drying gooseberry mixed with water and applying regular hair in the hair stops the hair fall.


Hair massage is also thick and soft by hair massage. Massage Coconut and Jojoba oil in the hair by heating it lightly. After massage with oil, wrap the hair in hot towels, which gives hair extra conditioning.


Due to many types of hair use, hair weakens and breaks, so avoid using them in the hair. Using regular hair color, using hair dresser, using hair rod to make hair straight or curly, etc. use weakens your hair.


A major cause of hair fall is also stress. Hair and hair fall due to stress and depression, so try to avoid stress. Regularly do yoga and exercise to avoid stress.


By making bananas, honey and lemon paste, hair is strong and thick. Make a hair pack by combining these three and apply them in the hair half an hour before bathing, then wash the hair with normal water. By doing this for a month, the problem o


Yogurt is very beneficial for hair besides eating. Mix one spoon of lemon in a bowl and make a paste, put it in the hair and leave it for 10 minutes. After that, wash the forces with normal water. This will remove the hair dandruff and hair will be dense and soft.


Take a yellow egg yolks in a bowl, add two spoonful honey and two spoons olive oil and make a paste. Wash it with plain water for 10 minutes by putting it in the hair. By doing so everyday the hair is strong and den


Balanced and nutritious diet has a very important role in strengthening hair and growing new hair. With sufficient intake of protein our hair is strong and new hair grows. In addition to protein, vitamin B, zinc, orine and copper are also essential for hair. Therefore, take special ca


Some women have this problem that in the morning their eyes look like semolina semolina. To get rid of this, keep two teaspoons in the fridge at night. Put them on both your eyes with a little pressure in the morning.Then lower the pressure and take the spoon slowly till the edge of the eyes. This causes swelling to cure.

volume 4Great haircut with many layers gives a lot of volume and depth to your hair, making your hair look healthy. If you have not cut hair for a long time, then it is time to take an appointment with your hairdresser. If your hair is fine, take care that you take soft layers, which frame your face in front of you.

Too much harsh shampoo snatches your hair’s natural oils, due to which hair becomes flat. You should use the voliminizing shampoo and keep in mind that while using the conditioner, only place it on the ends of the hair; The more conditioner gives weight to the hair. Do not use too many products together on hair, it also weights down the hair. If the hair needs extra help, then only the volimizing mousse is enough for this. You can use Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam on the roots of your hair

.If your hair is fine, then ponnail looks bad rather than chic. A simple trick of this is that you divide the ponytail into two small horizontal sections and insert a mini clip under the top section for instant boost.volume 7

Your ponytail will look thick and fuller.To get a quick volume in the busy morning, remove your great Route Lifting Spray and use it. Try any great spray to spray hair roots and crowns . Brush hair with fingers for extra perfection after spraying.

To get a lift in the jumps, flip your head downwards (tilt) and keep on blowing the roots together; By doing this, you will also get extra help of gravity to lift the hair;) Brush the gently while moving the hair away from scalp for extra body. When the roots of the hair dry completely, then lift the head back and dry the rest of the hair so that there is no frizz problem.

When everything goes wrong and your hair is flat or you do not have time to wash your hair, then use the dry shampoo to make hair grow. A great dry shampoo such as Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is absolutely perfect for refreshing hair in jokes and adding volume in them. To fight your bad hair day you have to include this secret tool in your beauty kit. Images: Shutterstock

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