Measures to increase disease resistance – Increase Immunity power .

Measures to increase disease resistance - Increase Immunity power .

Often you must have heard from the people that my immune system is low or low, then what is the disease in the immune system, which makes us read so much of its needs, you may have noticed that even in the same situation some person is often ill If some people go there, some people are not sick for a long time due to good disease resistance. The reason behind this is that bacteria and viruses are present all the time around our body. And our body’s immune system protects our body from these dangerous bacteria and viruses.  Therefore  , it is very important to know the ways to increase the immune system.

Measures to increase disease resistance - Increase Immunity power in Hindi

By the way, the immune system works very well in fighting against every disease. But sometimes its ability to work is reduced, due to which the germs begin to enter bacteria and viruses and we become victims of serious diseases.

Our body’s immune system depends on many things like our diet and our lifestyle. So today we are going to give you some important information related to Ayurvedic remedies and healthy lifestyles to increase the immunity  .

Our body’s immune system depends on many things like our diet and our lifestyle. So today we are going to give you some important information related to Ayurvedic remedies and healthy lifestyles to increase the immunity  .

What is disease resistance? What is immunity .

The immune system means to protect our body from any external factors, to keep us healthy, we have a protective system inside the body that is called immune system and if your If the immune system is right, then you will not have any problems with small fat diseases and even if you are in a day or two then you are cured.

But if you have a problem with weather and cold weather, or if you feel tired and lazed by doing some work, you might say that my immune system may not be cured. So today we talk about something and know how to increase the immunity power –

Measures to increase disease resistance – How to increase immunite

In fact, our body’s immune system needs a lot of nutrients to work properly. You may have noticed that, unlike malnourished children, they get sick quickly as compared to those who take a balanced diet. Our body requires antioxidant with vitamins, mineral to function properly and according to study, the immune system of people who eat more fruits and vegetables is better than those people who eat more vegetables and fruits Do not eat. Micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants such as Zinc, Iron, Selenium, Copper, Folic acid and Vitamin A, B6, C, E are needed to increase the body’s immune system.

1. Increase the correct diet immunecapacity – Diet To Increase Immunity 

Anti-Oxidants : It is necessary to take antioxidant in the appropriate evidence to increase the body’s immune system. Antioxidants repair the bad cell of our body and away from old age. You can take medicines containing antioxidants and vitamins according to the advice given below or by your doctor.

Selenium (Selenium) – The Barley (Oats), onions (Onions), sunflower seeds flower (Sunflower seeds), Mushroom (Mushroom), brown rice (Brown Rice), egg (Eggs), fish (Fish) and mutton (Meat ).It helps in protecting the body from many types of cancer.

Vitamin A – The Sugar Loaf (Sweet Potato),  carrots are found in (Carrots), Apricot (Apricot), green vegetables (Green Vegetables), Cayenne (Red Pepper), Cantaloupe (cantaloupe).

Vitamin B2 – This is found in  spinach , almonds, soyabeans , mushroom, cow’s milk.

Vitamin B6 – This is found in spinach, banana, potato, sunflower seeds.

Vitamin C – This is found in oranges, tomato ( papaya ), strawberry, cauliflower .

Vitamin E – It is found in carrots, papaya, spinach, sunflower seeds, almonds .

Vitamin D – This milk is found in Milk, Mushroom, Eggs, Salmon , Sardines and Sardines.

Zinc Zinc – This is found in pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, barley, oats, yogurt , shrimp, oyster , oysters , meat. is.

2. To increase water immunity – Drink Water to increase immunity 

Water / Water  – At least 8 glasses of water should be taken throughout the day. By getting water in the right and continuous intervals, the body gets strength and digestion is done properly. Water exits the body’s unnecessary substances. Therefore, pay attention to drinking your water with food.

3. Adopt appropriate daily routine to increase disease resistance – Lifestyle to increase the immunity 

Along with diet, it is also important to make changes in our daily routine to increase disease resistance. If we change some of our bad habits, then we can avoid some diseases and can increase our immune system.

4. Keep weight under control Immunity Power – Control Weight for Increase Immunity.

In today’s era, the problem of obesity has flooded like a pandemic all around. When obesitycomes, he also brings many serious illnesses along with him. Obesity is actually home to various diseases and complaints of laziness associated with all types of stomach and fatigue are more complicated in those people who are obese than fat.

Let me tell you that one of the problems with obesity is that due to obesity, there is a problem in the formation of white blood cells and they do not grow white cells. Our body has the power to fight diseases. Obesity is also a problem in building some necessary antibodies, so first of all you think about obesity and then increase immunity. Pay attention to


5. Measures to increase the disease-resistant capacity of the body deep sleep  – good Sleep for Increase immunity 

After working throughout the day, your mind and body need to sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily. People who give enough rest to their mind and body are more efficient and healthy. It has its advantages of adequate sleep; You feel relaxed by this. Now the study of Solutions has shown that because of low sleep, the problem of obesity is increasing, which affects your immune system, hence with work Along with a better sleep, your disease can prove to be a boon for immunity.

Diet which enhances disease resistance – Immunity Boosting Foods 

Green tea , rich in antioxidants, is also beneficial to increase body’s immunity .

Mushroom – Mushroom  for  Increase Immunity in

Mushroom is consumed to increase body’s resistance. It called selenium mineral, antioxidant ingredients, vitamin B, found elements such as Riboflavin and nisin which the body immune system (Immune System )  helps to work smoothly. Eating mushrooms daily in the form of salads, soups etc. is beneficial.

Disease to enhance immunity Chywanprash – Chyawanprash  For  Increase Immunity 

According to Ayurveda, Chyavanprash is consumed to increase the immunity of disease, eating it reduces stress, weakness of the body etc. Apart from this, many more problems like hunger do not get liberated.

Increase the amount of vitamin C-rich fruit to its immune system – Fruit rich in vitamin ‘C’ for  Increase Immunity

Citrus fruits such as oranges , strawberries and pineapple have high amounts of vitamin C, so this fruit helps in fighting infections in many ways. These are activated in the disease resistant capacity of the body. Therefore, it is important to consume sour fruits in daily food.

You can increase your immune system by simultaneously following the diet, routine and exercise advice given about the measures to increase your immune system, as well as enjoy a healthy and healthy life.

Boost Memory Power – How To Increase Memory Power

Boost Memory Power - How To Increase Memory Power

You might have noticed that some people readily remember important information and they are able to quickly understand new things. Would you also want to do that?

The memory of man depends on the health of the brain. The brain sends signals into specific patterns associated with an event (which we are experiencing) and creates a connection between our neurons, which are called synapses. There are lots of ways to increase your memory and strengthen these synapses.

make memory improvements

Tips To Improve Brain Power and Concentration

Basic Techniques To Improve Memory – Ways to Increase Memory

  • Write it down: Writing produces an oxygenated blood flow in those areas of your brain which increases your memory. If you are a student, you can create notes or write a blog while studying – all these activities increase your ability to remember you.
  • Visual Concept: The best way to remember memory and remember things is to visualize what you are reading or listening to in your own brain . The more obvious this mental image, the more you will remember.
  • Teach someone else: Reading aloud, being useful for improving memory has been considered. The fact behind this idea is that psychologists and teachers have found that when we teach something or any other concept, we can remember that thing very easily.
  • Multitasking to Avoid (Avoid multitasking): The study showed that our brain can not switch between efficiently functions, which means that when you do a series of work (Multitask), you are actually doing nothing Were. Research has also shown that while learning multitasking, we learn less and waste our time more.
  • Creativity of development and new things to learn (Develop creativity and learn new things) : Learn a new language, a musical instrument Pause, painting or active mind a rise in their vocabulary to learn new things and creative work.
  • Repeat things: If you want to install a memory in your brain, repeat it again and again. If you meet a new person, repeat their name when they get their hands (“Hi Mohan”), when you are finishing the conversation, repeat their name (“It was nice meeting you, Mohan”). 
  • Create connections:. As an example – remembering a particular sign, like a large shop or showroom or hospital of the road you pass, makes it easy to remember the path. 
  • Test yourself daily: In the day, take a little test of yourself – for example, when you leave a store, ask yourself what you saw in the shop, the location of different classes About the shopkeeper; His / her hair, eyes and shirt color etc. Test yourself, this will improve your memory power.

Improve Memory By Eliminating Stress – Remove Stress

  • Meditation Everyday : meditating at least 15 to 30 minutes per day brings changes in your brain and stress is taken away. The morning time is the best time to meditate. 
    • Yoga: Yoga also changes your brain. Research suggests that in addition to reducing stress, anxiety and depression, yoga protects the brain from shrinking with age. Interestingly, yoga mainly prevents the left hemisphere of the brain from shrinking, which is associated with positive emotions like excitement and happiness.
    • Regular form of exercise (Exercise Regularly) : Exercise does not just exercise the body, it helps to exercise your mind | Diseases like obesity and overweight can eventually lead to serious damage to the brain. Also, by not exercising regularly, the plaque starts to form in the arteries and your blood vessels begin to lose the ability to effectively pump blood. By reducing the plaque, the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach your brain decreases. 
    • Enough sleep bike (Get Enough Sleep) : Each person should definitely sleep 7-8 hours adequately. During sleep, the brain stabilizes the information and memories received recently. By getting enough sleep, you cross the entire spectrum of the night cycle, which is necessary for the optimal brain during waking. 
    • Organized Go (Get Organised) : Select the specific place for everything, please, and then continuously will help in reducing stress in life to keep them, while | By organizing everyday tasks in a organized way, your mind becomes independent, which helps in focusing on important things.
    • Socialize (Socialize) : where to spend time with people who make you feel good, spend time with them. Social anxiety reduces and self confidence increases due to which stress is removed. Cutting down on the use of technology (i.e. the time of sitting in front of your computer, phone or tablet) also improves the health of your brain and you can think more deeply.
    • Laugh out loud :  Laughing increases the discharge of a particular type of hormone (endorphin), which increases your logic capacity and reduces stress.
    • Music Listen (Listen To Music) : The research shows that are very helpful in improving some sort of musical memory. Information that is learned when listening to a particular song or collection, can be remembered by thinking about the same song or by singing in the mind. Songs and music can play a vital role in bringing back special memories.
  • Foods to Improve Your Memory – Improve Your Diet

    1. Antioxidant Eat (Consume Antioxidants) : that studies have shown antioxidants can also protect especially berries (blueberries) brain and reduce the impact of diseases associated with aging, such as diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Pomegranate (sugar-free pomegranate juice) is also a good source of antioxidant. Tea also contains antioxidants. Small amounts of caffeine can help to increase memory by tea. Dark chocolate contains many natural stimulants, including antioxidant and caffeine, which is useful for promoting concentration and memory.
    2. Healthy fats nuts and whole grains eat (Eat Healthy Fats, Nuts And Wholegrain) : good source of nuts and seeds contain vitamin E, which can help reduce the cognitive decline associated with age. The whole grain in the food promotes heart health, which flows the whole body including the brain. Other foods that should be added to your diet include fruit, green vegetables and lean protein.
    3. Drink enough water : The brain is made up of about 80% of the water. The brain could not function properly by drinking water (dehydrated) or not drinking enough water for a long time.

Blood Group-Classification; types of blood group

Blood Group is a very important and interesting topic of the Chart Science Subject which we have a little bit of information, but that information is sometimes incomplete and confusing.

Today, we are going to talk about the blood group here where we will understand things like blood types, Rh factors, Present Blood Antigen in Blood and Antibodies. But before understanding the Blood Group Chart, we need to know a little about our blood.

Blood Group Chart in Hindi

If you want to know about blood group chart, then this article will help you understand blood group. To understand the blood group chart, first of all, we must know some important things.

There are many types of blood group. We study blood group then only talk about ABO blood group type.
ABO blood group chart was first described by Australian scientist Karl Landsteiner in 1900.

Blood Group-Classification

The blood group in the blood group chart is classified based on the presence of antigen and antibody found in our rbc . In our blood group chart, there are antigens IA, IB and antibody IO. Due to these three factors, our blood group chart is prepared.

When creating or studying the blood group chart, the basis is genetics. We must know some things of genetics. like –

  • A I O,  I A I A, I O I are the genotype of  blood group.
  • A, B, AB, O are the phenotype of the blood group.
    Genotype symptoms that occur in genes are not necessarily visible in outside body.
    phenotype symptoms which are also in genes and also appear outside

Our blood group shows the character of the co-dominant gene of genetics . This means that any one of the characters from our parents can be seen in our body.

If genotype – I A I  or I A I A   , then  blood group will be “A”.
Similarly if there is genotype – I B I  or I B I  then blood group will be “B”.
After all if the genotype – I in O I O occur  will be blood group “O”.

  Rh Factor in Blood Group Chart

After this we see what happens (+) and (-) in the blood group? Blood group is a very important Role of Rh factor. We can also Dived on the basis of Blood Factor’s Presence and Absence of Blood Group in Human. Now, how do you know?
Blood in Group Rh Factor it would depend on the presence or absence that blood will group (+) or (-). Rh is a type of antigen protein

  • If Rh factor is present in your blood – positive blood group (A + / B + / AB + / O +)
  • If Rh factor is absent in your blood – negative blood group (A- / B- / AB- / O-)

Univrsal donor / Universal receptor 

Universal donor or universal receptor is detected from the present antigen / antibody and Rh factor in the blood.

In general, we say that the blood group “O” is a universal donor .
Blood group “AB” is the universal receptor  .

But when we go into the depth of this thing, we know that the universal donor is “O-” because it contains three types of antigens A, B, Rh absent.
Blood group “AB +” is the Universal Acceptor because it contains the antibody O absent.

Whenever you are asked what is a universal donor and option is A / B / AB / O, you say “O” But when the option is A + / A- / B- / AB + / AB-/ O + / O- then “O-” will be called.

Just like when you are asked who is the Universal acceptor? And in the option A / B / AB / O, your response will be “AB”. But when the option is A + / A- / B- / AB + / AB-/ O + / O- then you say “AB +” .

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7 smart ways to control blood pressure without medication

7 smart ways to control blood pressure without medication

High blood pressure is a fatal consequence of unchecked lifestyles. It is also known as hypertension or high blood pressure. It is a medical condition in which blood pressure in the arteries becomes faster than normal. In normal condition, blood flow remains between 120/80 to 140/90, but as soon as blood pressure starts to overtake, the problem of hypertension arises. This is serious because it causes negative effects on the kidneys, arteries and heart ( 1 ). Uncontrolled hypertension can weaken the blood vessels of the brain and cause stroke. Therefore, you should be aware of symptoms of high BP and treatment of high blood pressure. In this article we are sharing high blood pressure treatment with you and many important information related to it.

Types of High Blood Pressure (High BP) – Types of High BP

Systolic hypertension: Systolic blood pressure measures the pressure in the blood vessels at the time when the heart is beating.

Diastolic hypertension: Diastolic blood pressure measures the pressure in the blood vessels at that time, when the heart relaxes a few moments between the beats ( 2 ).

Due to high blood pressure – Causes of High BP in Hindi

  • Smoking
  • obesity
  • Decrease in physical activity
  • Excess salt in food
  • growing old
  • Geneticism
  • alcohol
  • Stress and Thyroid
  • Chronic renal disease
  • Adrenal related problems (the glands located on the kidney)
  • Sleep apnea (severe sleep disorder)

After knowing the cause of high blood pressure, learn about its various symptoms.

Symptoms of high blood pressure – Symptoms of High Blood Pressure in Hindi

Hypertension is often called ‘silent killer’ because it sometimes enters the body without knocking. Here we are showing some symptoms, which can identify high blood pressure.

  • Persistent headache
  • Pain in chest
  • Look weak
  • breathing problem
  • Nose bleeding

After knowing the symptoms of high BP, learn about high blood pressure home remedies.

Home Remedies for High BP in Hindi – Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a serious problem, which can not be eliminated by root, but controlled can certainly be done. However, you will get many medicines in the market for the treatment of high blood pressure, but this problem can be treated only by sitting at home. Below we are going to tell you the home remedies for high blood pressure, which you can use to control high BP.

1. Garlic


  • 1 bud of garlic
  • One spoon

How to use

  • You can take 1 garlic bud with one teaspoon honey in the morning and evening.
  • Use garlic even in food preparation.

How is profit

Garlic is a healthy food item, used for many diseases related to the body. You can treat uncontrolled blood pressure by using garlic. It reduces 10 mmHg systolic and 8 mmHg diastolic blood pressure. Sausage sulfur is found in garlic as S-l cysteine, which is highly beneficial for high blood pressure ( 3 ).

2. Amla

Gooseberry for High BP in HindiPinit



  • Two teaspoons amla juice

How to use

  • Mix two spoons of gooseberry juice in a glass of clean water.
  • Take the empty stomach every morning.

How is profit

Amla is a beneficial fruit in citrus fruits. It is also called ‘Indian gooseberry’. Its flavor is sour or bitter. In it, high vitamin C is found, which you can use to control high blood pressure ( 4 ).

3. Fenugreek


  • Half teaspoon fenugreek seeds
  • A glass of hot water

How to use

  • Put half teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of hot water.
  • Then leave it for overnight.
  • Eat this empty stomach after getting up in the morning.

How is profit

Fenugreek is a healthier home remedy rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and protein, which you can use to gain control over hypertension. The fenugreek improves the level of glucose in the body as well as improves metabolism levels and acts as an antioxidant ( 5 ).


Honey for High BP in HindiPinit



  • About 226 grams of celery leaves juice
  • So much honey

How to use

  • Mix juice of celery leaves thrice a day ( 6 ).

How is profit

In honey, vitamin A, B and C are also found with antibiotic, micro nutrient, antioxidant. The juice of honey and celery leaves is the treatment of high blood pressure.

5. Onion juice


  • Half teaspoon onion juice
  • Half teaspoon honey

How to use

  • Mix onion juice with honey well.
  • Take two hours (morning and evening) in equal amount in the day.

How is profit

In the layers of onion, a substance called kuersetetin is found, which helps in controlling high blood pressure ( 7 ). You can consume onion juice in this way to treat high blood pressure.

6. Coconut water


  • About 250-300 ml of coconut water

How to use

  • Take coconut water every morning.

How is profit

Minerals and salts are present in adequate quantities in coconut water, which help to calm the imbalance of blood flow in the arteries. Researchers believe that potassium content present in coconut water plays a major role in reducing blood pressure ( 8 ). Potassium balances the level of sodium in the blood. As a medicine for high blood pressure, you can take coconut water.

7. Watermelon


  • How is profit

Watermelon is a potent fruit, which you can consume in a state of high blood pressure. Amino Acid L-citrullin and L-Arginine elements present in watermelon help to reduce high blood pressure ( 9 ).

8. Cinnamon


  • cinnamon powder
  • A glass of hot water

How to use

  • You can use pinch of cinnamon powder while cooking.
  • It can also be taken as a supplementary, but for this it is necessary to first ask the doctor.
  • In addition, you can take a quarter of the spoon cinnamon powder in the morning with a glass of hot water.

How is profit

Cinnamon contains several compounds, which have a positive effect on health. It contains polyfanol, antioxidant and sinamaldehyde and cinemic acid. All these elements are used to control hypertension ( 10 ).

9. Lemon


  • Half lemon juice
  • One cup of water

How to use

  • Mix lemon juice in water and warm it and drink empty stomach every morning.

How is profit

Lemon helps make blood vessels soft and flexible. Lemon is rich in anti-oxidants, making the cells healthy. You can use lemon to treat high blood pressure ( 11 ).

10. Potatoes


  • Boiled potatoes (2 medium sized)
  • Pinch full of pepper
  • 6-7 drops of lemon juice

How to use

  • Boil the potatoes and eat a pinch of pepper powder and 6-7 drops of lemon as a salad.
  • You can eat potatoes twice a week in this way.

How is profit

The risk of high blood pressure can be reduced by consuming potatoes in vegetables. Potatoes contain substantial potassium ( 12 ) and potassium is considered effective in reducing high blood pressure ( 8 ). Thus, by taking potato you can treat high blood pressure sitting in the house.

11. Celery

Celery for High BP in HindiPinit



  • Celery’s four medium sized stalks

How to use

  • First wash the celery stalks with clear water.
  • Now with the help of Juicer, the stems of the stems are released.
  • In the case of hypertension, drink empty stomach juice every morning.

How is profit

In the juice of celery leaves, 3-n-butyl fathlide and Epigenin are found in the juice, which benefit in hypertension conditions. Fathlide helps relax the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. To reduce hypertension, you can measure celery ( 6 ).

12. Carrots


  • Medium size 4 carrots

How to use

  • Wash carrots with clean water first.
  • With the help of juicer, remove the juice from these carrots.
  • Eat empty stomach juice every morning.

How is profit

You can consume carrots to control hypertension. It is rich with elements such as carrot, potassium and beta carotene. Carrot juice helps reduce systolic hypertension. Carrot juice is also beneficial for the heart and kidneys ( 13 ). As a medicine for high blood pressure, you can consume carrots.

13. Red pepper


  • One quarter spoon red chilli powder

How to use

  • Mix red chili powder powder in half glass water and drink it in the morning.

or else

  • You can consume a pinch of red chilli powder in vegetables salad (carrot, radish, cabbage, beet, etc.).
  • Apart from this, you can use red chilli as per your requirement.

How is profit

Red chili is hard, but it can be used to get rid of hypertension. Red pepper naturally helps to reduce blood pressure. Capsicin is found in red chillies, which helps to balance blood pressure ( 14 ).

14. Banana


  • Have 2-3 steps
  • Orange juice (optional)

How to use

  • Do 2-3 servings of bread daily.
  • If you want, you can eat a banana with a glass orange juice in the morning breakfast.

How is profit

Sodium is low in banana and the amount of cholesterol is zero. Banana also has potassium content, which helps in controlling blood pressure ( 15 ), ( 16 ). You can consume banana as a medicine for high blood pressure.

15. Radish

Radish for High BP in HindiPinit



  • Medium sized radish

How to use

  • You can eat radish as a salad during meals.
  • If you want, you can eat radish and also eat it.

How is profit

Potassium content of radish ( 17 ) is high and sodium is low. Radish is quite beneficial for reducing high blood pressure and resting blood vessels. Thus you can treat high BP at home.

Note: If you are suffering from a serious physical problem, ask the doctor one time before adopting the above mentioned home remedies.

Some Tips for High Blood Pressure – Other Tips for High Blood Pressure Treatment in Hindi

  1. Body weight: In the days of hypertension, the weight of your body is also affected. To maintain the weight of your body, be sure to measure the body mass index from the doctor and calculate it.
  1. Smoking: One cause of high blood pressure is smoking ( 18 ). Therefore, do not smoke at all when high blood pressure is detected. This can be fatal for you.
  1. Food: To reduce hypertension, you follow DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet . DASH encourages fruit, vegetable and milk based foods and non-fat meat ( 19 ). Through this diet you can treat high BP sitting at home.
  1. Yoga: Yoga is a spiritual path, which controls high blood pressure by reducing stress. Different types of yoga are done to keep the body healthy and healthy. You can learn a proper yoga for blood pressure from a yoga expert ( 20 ).
  1. Alcohol: Consume excessive alcohol increases the risk of high blood pressure. If you are a patient of high blood pressure, do not drink after drinking ( 21 ).
  1. Control on stress: excessive stress is the root of many physical disorders, including hypertension. Therefore, to get rid of high blood pressure, you begin to control stress. Due to excessive stress, the vasoconstriction hormone increase in the body. This hormone causes high blood pressure by narrowing blood vessels and by increasing heart rate ( 22 ). By controlling the stress, you can treat high BP.

Hypertension is a physical problem, which is difficult to completely eliminate, but it can be controlled. You can control high blood pressure by making the home remedies mentioned in this article as part of the lifestyle. Also you can share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.


Not only heart attacks, there are different symptoms of heart disease, they are different, identify them

Not only heart attacks, there are different symptoms of heart disease, they are different, identify them

The heart is an important organ. As long as your heart is beating, it is your life and when the heart is stopped beating, life will end. Actually the heart pumps blood to all the organs of the body through the beating. This blood contains nutrients for body parts and the most essential ingredient for life is ‘oxygen’. If the organisan blood does not reach to any organ, then the limb stops working. Many times heart cells start to die when there is a problem in the arteries leading to heart. This is called Heart Attack. Apart from heart attack, there are various types of heart diseases. Learn the symptoms of these cardiovascular diseases (heart diseases).

Coronary artery disease

The most common symptom of coronary artery disease is angina or chest pain. Angina can be recognized as a feeling of heaviness, abnormality, pressure, pain, burning sensation, convulsion or pain in the chest. Many times it is also a mistake to understand indigestion or heartburn. Angina can be felt in shoulders, arms, neck, throat, jaw or back. The second symptoms of this disease are as follows: small breath, fasting of beats, weakness or dizziness, feeling of vomiting, sweating etc.

One minute of the day will not be associated with these five exercises.

heart attack

During heart attack, symptoms usually last for half an hour or more and do not get relief from resting or eating medication. The onset of symptoms can lead to severe pain through minor pain. Some people have no symptoms of heart attack, which we call silent myocardial infarction or MI. This is usually done in patients who suffer from diabetes.

Do not be late at showing signs of heart attack. Get emergency help right away, because immediate treatment is very important in heart attack. The sooner the treatment will be, the more likely the patient is fully cured. Some common symptoms of heart attack are:

  • The discomfort in the bone of the chest, arms, nudgeon or chest, pressure
  • Feeling of heavyness or pain, spread of uncomfortable, jaw, neck and arms.
  • Feeling full of stomach, indigestion or heartburn
  • Feeling sweat, vomiting, nausea or weakness
  • Too much weakness, nervousness or restlessness of breath.
  • Fast or irregular heartbeats

Heart Valve Disease Symptoms

The symptoms of heart valve disease are not always related to the severity of the situation. Many times it happens that no symptoms appear, whereas a person has a serious heart attack valve, which requires immediate treatment. Occasionally it is also possible that the symptoms are very serious, the problem is also serious, but the discovery of a minor valve related disease is detected. Do not get complete breath, especially if you are doing normal routine or lying directly on the bed. Feeling weak or unconscious Feeling uneasy in the chest Feeling pressured or heavier on the chest when doing some work or getting out in the cold air. Pulpitation (It can be felt as the speed of heartbeat, irregular heartbeats, loss of beats etc.)

Congenital defect

Such defects can be detected even before birth, immediately after birth or in childhood. It is not known until many times grow. It is also possible that there is no sign of the problem. In such cases, sometimes it is detected in the physical examination by the sound of the heart or in the EKG or Chest X-ray. Among the adults who have symptoms of congenital heart disease, this is seen: breathing fast. Limited ability to exercise physically Signs of Heart Failure or Valve Disease Congenital cardiac impairment in newborns and children. Sineosis (visible blue color on skin, fingers and lips).

  • Faster breathing and loss of appetite
  • Do not move the weight properly
  • Repeated lung infection
  • Trouble exercising

The easiest way to avoid heart disease is to know the symptoms that can be fatal for you.There are just some common symptoms, which can be complicated too.

Heart attack therefore causes obstruction due to the fat clotting in one or more arteries that bleed to the heart. Blood flow is blocked due to clotting. Due to lack of blood, oxygen deficiency in the heart muscles decreases. If the flow of blood does not recover soon, the heart muscle stops. Due to most heart attacks, deaths are due to clotting of clots.

About one-third of those who die from heart attack are not aware that they are heart patients and they are dead before they reach hospital. One major reason responsible for this is that the patient who first came to the heart attack has not yet recognized. A heart attack, whose symptoms are unclear or which are not known, is called silent heart attack. 

“Silent” Heart Attack

Of all cases of heart attack, 25 percent are from silent heart attack. Silent heart attack can lead to death of a patient. In Silent Heart the patient has a heart attack and he does not even know. The symptoms of heart attack are not visible, patients are neglected by symptoms or are not able to understand them due to the Silent Heart Attack. Silenthart attacks are more deadly. That is why it is very important to know about the symptoms of heart attacks. If any symptoms are felt, even if it is light and why not only for a short time, the doctor should show it immediately. 

These symptoms usually appear when heart attacks occur.

• Sweating and breathlessness. 
• Chest pain and chest cramps. 
• Pain in hands, shoulders, waist or jaw 
• Having nausea, vomiting

Some other symptoms may also be seen when women get heart attack.

• Feeling of viscosity, drowsiness, chest burning in the skin 
• Abnormal exhaustion.

Take a little caution

If one suddenly encounters a heart attack, then the first attempt should be to take him to the hospital immediately. If it is not possible immediately, then the patient should try to cough every 10 seconds during cough, there is pressure on the patient’s heart and the flow of blood becomes sharp towards the heart. After cough, long and deafness should be taken as it is only 10 seconds to increase heartbeat and unconsciousness. This process gives great relief.

What to do to keep your heart healthy

• Get biking, walking and swiming regularly if possible.
• Stop smoking altogether.
• Do not eat more fat food.
• Use at least salt in your diet.
• Sleep at least 7 hours daily.
• Do not take coffee and high caffeine items.
• If you want to drink tea then drink herbal or green tea only.
• Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Drinking cigarettes can not be just cancer, but serious heart problems such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, and ortery blockage. Cigarettes are very harmful for health. This is the reason why World No Tobacco Day (World Tobacco Day) is celebrated on May 31 every year to make people aware about the ill effects of cigarettes.

Tobacco is used in all products like cigarettes, bidi, gutkha, pan, pan masala, soriti, jarda etc. Use tobacco in any way, it will prove to be dangerous for your health. Tobacco reduces the flow of blood flowing in your arteries and makes blood clot in the arteries, which can lead to immediate death of the person. Let’s tell you what effect it takes on consuming tobacco products on your heart.

Cigarette is fatal for the heart

Drinking cigarettes increases the risk of heart diseases. One in five out of every 5 people who die of heart diseases worldwide are addicted to smoking. In women, the menace is higher than men. The risk of heart disease increases by 3-4 times in those who smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products. The substance called nicotin in tobacco can be very dangerous for your health.

How Cigarette Affects Your Heart

Nicotine increases the risk of heart-related diseases because-

  • Because of this, your heart does not get the same amount of oxygen as it needs.
  • It enhances your blood pressure.
  • This makes heartbeat abnormal.
  • This accumulates blood clots in blood vessels, which is a major cause of heart attack, cardiac arrest and stroke.
  • It damages the blood vessels from within. Even heart-deep blood vessels are also severely affected by this.

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Will the cigarette drop down from the risk of heart disease?

If you quit cigarettes, then the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure is greatly reduced. After 1 to 2 years of leaving the cigarette, you reduce the risk of heart diseases many times. Apart from this, the possibility of lung cancer, oral cancer and many other types of cancer also decreases. Those who leave cigarettes and tobacco products before the age of 35, they live relatively 2-3 years longer.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Most chemicals that are filled in e-cigarettes are liquid nicotine. Nicotin is a addictive substance so drinkers get addicted to it. After a few days of use, if the drinker stopped drinking it, then it starts to become uncomfortable and confused. Nicotine can not be considered absolutely safe for heart and respiratory patients. The consumption of it in teen age has a negative effect on the mind’s ability to drink and its memory can go away. During pregnancy, the use of e-cigarettes also poses a risk of miscarriage and may also obstruct the child’s brain development.

Can the cigarette be left?

Yes, cigarette addiction can be easily dropped. Strong will for this and your desire to live matters. If you want to live for yourself, live for your family and live for your children, then you will not have any problem in quitting smoking or tobacco addiction. Usually, after leaving the cigarette, you feel uneasy for a few days. Ilre Avana may have problems like excessive appetite, coughing, headaches and dizziness. But all these troubles end in 10-14 days and you can start a healthy and happy life.

Tips to make hair naturally dense

Tips to make hair naturally dense

Irregular Lifestyle, lack of nutritious ingredients in catering and increasing pollution, hair problems are increasing. Hair fall and rupture of hair are major problems. If 60-100 hair fall every day, there is no panic in it, but more hair than it is falling, do not ignore it altogether, because of that you can be bald. 


Aloe vera is like a boon for hair, it is a natural shampoo that makes the hair shiny and soft and makes them stronger than the root. Apply aloe vera directly on the hair an hour before bathing, then clean the hair with shampoo. By doing this for a month, the problem of hair fall will be solved.

ethods can easily make your hair strong and strong.


The use of shampoos and the use of shampoo of the wrong brand also cause hair fall. Some people shampoo everyday in hair, due to which this problem may occur. If the experts believe that people should shampoo them everyday, whose hair is more oily, do not shampoo them everyday in normal hair.


Amla is not only rich in food but it also strengthens hair. The hair is strong and dense by putting amla in the hair. Drying gooseberry mixed with water and applying regular hair in the hair stops the hair fall.


Hair massage is also thick and soft by hair massage. Massage Coconut and Jojoba oil in the hair by heating it lightly. After massage with oil, wrap the hair in hot towels, which gives hair extra conditioning.


Due to many types of hair use, hair weakens and breaks, so avoid using them in the hair. Using regular hair color, using hair dresser, using hair rod to make hair straight or curly, etc. use weakens your hair.


A major cause of hair fall is also stress. Hair and hair fall due to stress and depression, so try to avoid stress. Regularly do yoga and exercise to avoid stress.


By making bananas, honey and lemon paste, hair is strong and thick. Make a hair pack by combining these three and apply them in the hair half an hour before bathing, then wash the hair with normal water. By doing this for a month, the problem o


Yogurt is very beneficial for hair besides eating. Mix one spoon of lemon in a bowl and make a paste, put it in the hair and leave it for 10 minutes. After that, wash the forces with normal water. This will remove the hair dandruff and hair will be dense and soft.


Take a yellow egg yolks in a bowl, add two spoonful honey and two spoons olive oil and make a paste. Wash it with plain water for 10 minutes by putting it in the hair. By doing so everyday the hair is strong and den


Balanced and nutritious diet has a very important role in strengthening hair and growing new hair. With sufficient intake of protein our hair is strong and new hair grows. In addition to protein, vitamin B, zinc, orine and copper are also essential for hair. Therefore, take special ca


Some women have this problem that in the morning their eyes look like semolina semolina. To get rid of this, keep two teaspoons in the fridge at night. Put them on both your eyes with a little pressure in the morning.Then lower the pressure and take the spoon slowly till the edge of the eyes. This causes swelling to cure.

volume 4Great haircut with many layers gives a lot of volume and depth to your hair, making your hair look healthy. If you have not cut hair for a long time, then it is time to take an appointment with your hairdresser. If your hair is fine, take care that you take soft layers, which frame your face in front of you.

Too much harsh shampoo snatches your hair’s natural oils, due to which hair becomes flat. You should use the voliminizing shampoo and keep in mind that while using the conditioner, only place it on the ends of the hair; The more conditioner gives weight to the hair. Do not use too many products together on hair, it also weights down the hair. If the hair needs extra help, then only the volimizing mousse is enough for this. You can use Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam on the roots of your hair

.If your hair is fine, then ponnail looks bad rather than chic. A simple trick of this is that you divide the ponytail into two small horizontal sections and insert a mini clip under the top section for instant boost.volume 7

Your ponytail will look thick and fuller.To get a quick volume in the busy morning, remove your great Route Lifting Spray and use it. Try any great spray to spray hair roots and crowns . Brush hair with fingers for extra perfection after spraying.

To get a lift in the jumps, flip your head downwards (tilt) and keep on blowing the roots together; By doing this, you will also get extra help of gravity to lift the hair;) Brush the gently while moving the hair away from scalp for extra body. When the roots of the hair dry completely, then lift the head back and dry the rest of the hair so that there is no frizz problem.

When everything goes wrong and your hair is flat or you do not have time to wash your hair, then use the dry shampoo to make hair grow. A great dry shampoo such as Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is absolutely perfect for refreshing hair in jokes and adding volume in them. To fight your bad hair day you have to include this secret tool in your beauty kit. Images: Shutterstock

Weak eyes are done right in hours, these 3 measures!

Weak eyes are done right in hours, these 3 measures!

Know what causes headaches

Know what causes headaches

Cancer prevention with these easy remedies

Cancer prevention with these easy remedies


Make Your Immune System Strong, Read 9 Tips

Make Your Immune System Strong, Read 9 Tips
The body constantly carries on the attacks of carriers of different types of diseases. These attacks can only be failing when the strength of our body, ie strong resistance to our disease. It is not difficult to strengthen this fort. Let’s see how:

This is natural medicine. By consuming plenty of pure water, many types of toxic elements are released in the body and the immune system increases. Water should be either at normal temperature or slightly crisp. Avoid drinking water from the fridge.
juicy Fruit
Orange, seasonal and juicy fruit contains plenty of mineral salts and vitamin C. They play an important role in increasing resistance. If you wish, eat whole fruits and if you like, take out their juice and take it. Yes, do not mix sugar or salt in juice.
Eating less nutritious fruit is beneficial in the winter season. By soaking them overnight and taking tea or milk in the morning, taking half an hour before eating is of great benefit.
Sprouted grains
Sprouted grains (like moong, moth, gram etc.) and plenty of wet pulses should be consumed. Germination of grain increases the capacity of nutrients present in them. They are easy to digest, nutritious and delicious.
Make more use of salad with food. The digestion of food should be fully done, for this it is necessary to use salad. Add cucumber, tomato, radish, carrot, cabbage, onion, beet, etc. in the salad. These naturally present salt are sufficient for us. Do not put salt on top.
Grains with bran
Include grains such as wheat, jowar, millet, corn and corn bran. This will not lead to constipation and the resistance capacity will remain tight.
Tulsi’s religious significance is its place, but it is also beneficial in enhancing antibiotic, painkiller and disease resistance. Take 3 to 5 leaves of Tulsi every morning.
Yoga and pranayam play an important role in keeping the body healthy and free of disease. By learning from them, they should be practiced daily at home.
Laugh is necessary
Laughing makes blood circulation smooth and our body receives high amounts of oxygen. Laughing out of stress helps in increasing the body’s immune system.